Butterfly Koi

butterfly koi

Butterfly Koi

Butterfly koi is one of the most popular ornamental fishes that many enthusiasts would surely like to keep as pets. Butterfly koi, big-sized koi, or giant koi are a sub-species of the common ornamental koi, big-sized koi, which contains several wild and domestic sized koi. Butterly koi is different from other koi breeds because it possesses a longer than normal body length (over three feet long).

Butterfly koi grows to be about seven to eight inches in length and possesses a head similar to that of a bat. It is also known to possess a butterfly-shaped mouth, large pectoral fins, and bright red, orange, or yellow color. Its dorsal and anal fins are larger than its pectorals and have a distinctively large second pair of tail feathers. This large second pair of tail feathers can easily be seen from underneath the water surface.

Butterfly koi is usually bred at pond level. At such, it can be a bit challenging to find out where to buy or raise them from. These types of koi are not usually sold in pet shops; rather they are usually privately owned. You may need to find a breeder that specializes in breeding this type of fish. Although there are several butterfly koi breeders in Japan, they may not have the ability to keep a large number of these fish due to the climate.

There are several reasons why these fish may end up in the hands of inexperienced people or breeders. One reason is that these koi do not grow very large. Even though they may seem so because of their body length, these koi does not have very large bones in order to support their girth (the excess fat in the fish’s body). This means that when these fish are bred in their natural environment, they will rarely get very big. If these fish were raised in small tanks, they may get slightly bigger but it would be rare to see them reach above 2 feet in length.

Another reason why breeding of butterfly koi can prove difficult is that they are very sensitive to changes in the water temperature. When you are planning to breed butterfly koi, you should first build a pond that is comfortable enough for your koi to survive. You should then set up the proper environment and conditions for breeding. If you are new to breeding koi and are planning to raise Butterly koi, you should also invest time understanding how a koi fish is considered to be a predator by its prey.

If you are not sure that you can handle raising and breeding Butterly koi, you may want to consider buying these fish from a private dealer. Buying from private sellers ensures that you are purchasing fully grown specimens that have been tested and are uncontaminated. You should also consider purchasing your fish from a reputable pet store. They will ensure that the koi are well cared for and fed properly while you take care of your koi pond.