The Beauty of Having a Butterfly Hand Tattoo Design

Butterfly hand tattoos are gaining popularity in the Western culture. This type of tattoos has its roots from the Greek Mythology. According to myth, the Butterflies came about due to Medusa’s fear of a bird that would kill her child. In order to escape from the monster, she transformed herself into a butterfly. The story goes that when she appeared in front of the bird, the monster fled.

butterfly hand tattoo

In this modern time, you can see many people sporting butterfly tattoos on their bodies. These designs have transcended from just being symbols of the old mythology. Today, there are a lot of different types and styles of butterfly tattoos. You can choose between different colors such as royal blue, light purple, dark blue, or the lighter shades of green, mauve, and even the original black color.

Tattoos are very personal. When choosing your butterfly tattoo, you will want to convey to your tattoo artist the message that you want to get across to them. What is the meaning behind these beautiful things you are designing? Do you want your design to symbolize something significant to you?

For a wonderful, regal look, you may want to choose some of the more regal looking butterfly tattoos such as a black and white monarch butterfly or a purple butterfly tattoo. These are designs that can be made to resemble regal crowns. A lighter and smaller version of this design can also have that same sense of royalty.

If you are interested in having smaller butterflies tattooed on your body, you can also opt for the butterfly with wings spread. These can be used to create a more delicate look. Some of the rib tattoos ideas can use this to make it seem like the rib cage is being formed by the butterfly. There are many options when it comes to the rib cage, and butterflies are not the only way to do it!

Butterfly tattoos are just one of the more elegant options to choose from for those who have decided to get a butterfly design. They are certainly unique and therefore stand out in a crowd. They can also be applied to your lower back or anywhere else on your body for that matter. With so many options, you should be able to find a butterfly design that is perfect for you. If you are unsure, there are many tattoo shops in your local area that specialize in butterfly tattoos, so make sure to ask them about the available butterfly designs and where they can be located.